is a musical group founded by the husband and wife duo Zach and Naomi Steiner.


Zachary Steiner. 

Born in the USA in the state of Maryland, started playing bass at the age of twelve. Influenced by his parents who were members of the Baptist church. Every sunday his parents sang in church, they encouraged him to explore the world of music. Zach grew up listening to a lot of The Beatles but also Jazz acts like Weather Report and Victor Wooten and every other genre in between, he says that if the musicians are passionate it doesn't matter the genre.

Zach plays in several bands, works as a hired recording bassist(Into Arcadia) and tours around America and Europe. Recently he has turned his attention to writing,working and playing for ohmypeaches, teaching and some recording projects (The Polyframes).


Naomi Steiner.

Is born and raised in the Netherlands (Hoorn). Like Zach, it is music that has driven her from childhood. As a child she listens to artists like Tracy Chapman, The Pixies, Nirvana, Mercedes Sosa and the Sex Pistols. With a father who's a piano tuner, she keeps being inspired to make music and nothing holds her back from entering a music career.

After the music education in Nijmegen (HAN, Music Academy) she was invited to Nashville. Naomi bought a digital piano which she carried along into cabs and bars. This is where she learned about the realness of folk/bluegrass music and a lot about preforming by attending the many open Mic's and seeing great shows.


On one of the last Open Mic's she saw Zach, waiting in line, a bass on his back, to register for the night as well. The two of them sat down together and the rest is history. They not only clicked musically but also bring out the best in each other on a romantic level. Now-a-days they are a married couple, expecting a little baby boy, live in the Netherlands and started the band; OHmyPeaches!

Why this name?

After Naomi visit Nashville the two had a long distance relationship for many months. When the distance became too big at moments, Zach cheered Naomi up with an imaginary personage, a Southern gentleman named Colonel Cornelius. Who would recite original poems and jokes to her to raise Naomi's spirits. Colonel Cornelius used the Southern phrase 'Oooh my peaches!' and Naomi would laugh heartily every time he used that phrase. It truly helped overcoming the distance, for sure!


The sound.

The OHmyPeaches sound has changed a bit over time. But today it is a mixture of cinematic,melodramatic,gypsy..think; Tom Waits, Ramses Shaffy Folk and groovy Indie sounds with the recognizable characteristic edgy country lead vocals by Naomi.

Zach wrote and played all instruments on the record, which he started back in Nashville in 2017.


They are currently recording their debut EP and the first single "BLACK & WHITE" is 


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