is a musical group founded by the husband and wife duo Zach and Naomi Steiner.


 Our Story

  Naomi Steiner was born and raised in the Netherlands (Hoorn).  From a young age Naomi was drawn to music and as a child she listened to artists like Tracy Chapman, The Pixies, Nirvana, Mercedes Sosa, Rowen Heze and the Sex Pistols. With her step-father being a piano tuner and an avid lover of music, she was constantly being inspired to make music and throughout her life has overcome a myriad of challenges and obstacles to enter into a music career.

  During Naomi´s teenage years she was lured into a darker and wilder side of life. Troubled by the the absence of her biological father, she ran from home at age 15.  For a few years Naomi was homeless, living "everywhere and nowhere", living a life difficult for even the most griseled and hardened of folk and at such a tender and formative time in her life.  She learned to cope with the world she found herself in by writing songs and poems.  After years of struggle and hard work she managed to pull herself out from off of the streets and into a much happier life, into her own home and into a good job, but music always remained her passion and her focus.

  At age 28, after following music education in Nijmegen (HAN, Music Academy) she was invited to Nashville.  Naomi bought a digital piano which she carried along into cabs and into bars.  In doing this she learned about the "realness" of folk/bluegrass music as well as about the art of performing by attending many shows and open mics; taking in as much of the culture as she could.  It was at one of these open mic nights that she saw Zacha bass on his back, waiting in line to put his name on the list for the night as well.  

  Zach was born in USA in the state of Maryland.  Although being born in Maryland Zach has always considered himself to be a native of Milwaukee, WI.  He started his life in Milwaukee at the age of 11 with his family and his musical life at the age of 12 when he was given his first bass.  From his teenage years in school until about the age of 25 he played in as many bands as he could, as many genres as he could, as many nights a week as he could.  At the age of 24 it had become his full time occupation, but he was not satisfied.  He had developed a lot as a musician and had started to blossum as a writer, but he had also started to notice the beginning of something else.  Though he did not know it at the time he was experiencing symptoms of depression and was using a lot of alcohol to medicate himself.

  Looking for something more, Zach moved to Portland, Oregon where he moved in with a friend.  It wasn't long until he was involved in the local music scene and for the better part of the 2 years he spent in Portland he was making his living primarily through music.  But no matter what he was doing, be it performing or practicing, he was always drinking.  In 2 years time he had burned out and had to move back home to regroup, his next move would be to Nashville, Tennessee.

  After 6 months back in Milwaukee, Zach headed to Nashville to stay with to friends he had met in Portland who had opened up their own studio.  He did some work as a session bassist, but most of his time in Nashville was spent writing, exercising, and slowly coming to terms with his depression and his drinking.  It was to be a long road ahead, but it was in Nashville that he turned to writing as a tool to motivate himself and dream bigger, to set his sights on a healthier and more fulfilling life.  He wrote and recorded a lot of material that would later become songs for OHmyPeaches, though he did not know that at the time.  He was working at a restaurant during the day and attending open mics at night trying out his new material, seeing what worked and what didn't.  

  One of these nights, he was standing in line waiting to sign his name on the list of performers for the evening when he saw Naomi.  After he signed up he was nervously chain smoking outside and though he wanted to talk to her, he thought she was way out of his league.  But once the night's music had started, she looked around the room and found him.

  The two of them sat down together and that was it.  They fell in love and it wasn't long until they were married and starting their life together as a couple.  They decided also to combine their musical lives together, each of them bringing their talents into the studio to create their band OHmyPeaches.  Now-a-days they are living in Hoorn and raising a new baby boy not far from where Naomi herself grew up.  


Why this name?

  After Naomi had left Nashville to return home the pair began a long distance relationship.   When after many months the distance between them became too difficult to handle Zach would cheer up Naomi by sending her messages and poems in the character of an old man with a thick southern accent named Colonel Cornelius Peckerfeather.  The messages would be heartfelt and sentimental but also funny and absurd.   The Colonel would try to seduce Naomi and encourage her to break off the relationship with Zach to be with him instead.  Overtime the character developed a bit of recurring catchphrase, he would exclaim "Oh my peaches!" and it would always make Naomi laugh.  So naming the band OhmyPeaches was  technically Naomi's idea, but in fact the real credit should go to a man who doesn't exist.


The sound.

  Naomi is an individually gifted vocalist whose voice is inimitably unique and full of heart.   Zach is an exceptionally talented bassist who writes the songs and plays most of the parts himself.    The music is evocative and at times cinematic in its quality.  It is marked by Naomi's heartfelt vocal performances that breathe life into the arrangements and also by Zach's creative utilitarian style of playing the 4 string electric bass.


  They are currently finishing work on their debut EP, the first single of which is entitled "Black & White."  It received a warm welcome in the summer of 2020 and is available on all the big streaming platforms

Their second single "Raining In Galway" will be released, May 14th 2021!


          "Black & White"    

   Available on all streaming platforms